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Body by Thermage and Eyes by Thermage are two exciting new procedures for residents of the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area that utilize ThermaCool technology, radiofrequency heat energy that tightens the skin and stimulates new collagen formation. As the procedure is non-surgical, Thermage treatments require no incisions or recovery time. Thermage can be used anywhere on the body that there is lax, draping skin. Unlike most lasers, Thermage can safely be used on all skin colors and types.

How Thermage Works:
As we grow older, the collagen layer that provides structure to our skin begins to break down, and we lose volume. As a result of this volume loss, the skin surface becomes looser, and fine lines and wrinkles form. Thermage heating tightens the loose skin and underlying tissues while stimulating new collagen growth. The resulting new collagen growth restores lost volume and renews contours, improving the smoothness of the skin surface. Some immediate tightening from the Thermage heating procedure is generally visible at the time of treatment, but the real results occur 2 to 6 months after treatment, and can last for years.

Thermage is less expensive and safer than plastic surgery--without the incision scars! Eliminate or reduce 'bat wings' under the arms; tighten and smooth the abdomen; lift and shape buttocks and thighs. This procedure can also re-tighten lax skin after childbirth or weight loss, and dramatically reduces stretch marks and acne scarring. In cases of extreme skin laxity, however, more than one treatment may be required.

SKINTASTICís Thermage treatments (at Dallas or Plano) are only performed by Thermage-certified personnel. We offer a free evaluation to determine if Thermage is right for you. Women 35-60 normally have the best and most predictable results. If your skin is too lax, the results will not be as dramatic. You must also maintain your weight, however, as weight gain can re-stretch the skin.

Normally, the complete procedure can be performed in just one session lasting from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on size and location of the treatment area. General anesthesia is not required, but to make sure you are comfortable the doctor may offer light pain medications prior to treatment.

During the treatment, youíll feel a brief, heat sensation each time Thermage delivers radiofrequency energy to the underlayer of your skin. This indicates that your collagen is being stimulated and tightened.

After treatment, your skin may be slightly red for a day or two. But most people resume regular activities immediately after treatment, with no downtime or special follow-up care.

Immediate Results: You should feel and see your skin starting to become smoother, firmer, and tighter immediately after your Thermage treatment.

Continued improvement over time: After the procedure, you should continue to see improvements to your skin as a result of the production of new and increased collagen. These improvements will continue for up to six months.

Who Can Benefit from Thermage:

Facial Improvements Include:

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